Prism Brewing indoor Stones course

The LaCrest Stones Course at Prism Brewing is the first and only indoor stones course.  It is also the smallest, making stones thrown out of bounds a regular occurrence for even the most seasoned throwers.  In addition, 70 feet of the course’s boundaries are lined with water, adding to the difficulty and risk.  A course of this size with this much water requires players to carefully manage each round in order to minimize the potential of giving up large chunks of points at a time.  Although requiring great finesse, the evenness of the  playing surface awards players by keeping bad luck and strange hops at bay.  With each stretch built of compacted, crushed limestone, a good throw will do what you want it to do, limiting randomness and playing true.

Total Course Length (in ft.): 210 feet
Average Width of Stretches: 3.5 feet
Average Game Length: 40 minutes
Average Rounds per Game: 11
Playing Surface: Crushed Limestone
Boundary Markers: Lined with tree branches
Water Hazards: Yes
Linear Feet of Boundary along Water Hazards:70 ft
Sand Traps: Yes
Number of Sandtraps: 4