[PHOTO: Leaves of three, let them be–harmless Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia, orange arrow) and poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans, red arrow) are both abundant at the Fairmount Stones course.] On May 11, we conducted an informal plant identification walk of the East Fairmount Park Stones course, led by David Hewitt from University of Pennsylvania/Academy of Natural […]

The game of Stones can be played anywhere – from backyards to the beach, and even indoors (coming soon), but perhaps the best place to enjoy everything the game has to offer is in the woods. After being chosen as a finalist in the Commission on Parks and Recreation’s Pitch Your Passion Philly contest, we […]

The first public Stones course is coming to Philly in 2016! Thanks to the Philadelphia Commission on Parks and Recreation’s Pitch Your Passion Philly contest, we’ve been given the go-ahead to construct a course in a wooded area near The Boxers Trail in Fairmount Park. The first step will be clearing the area of invasive shrubs and vines, including […]

We play games. Whether it is strictly for entertainment purposes, to pad one’s ego by winning, or to fill time, we all play games. These games we play come in every shape and size. We play them by ourselves, against another, in pairs against other pairs, or with groups of people against another group. We […]

Our first event of the season started with the West Chester Invitational.  A field of 20 players participated in a pool play style event then an seeded single elimination bracket.  In the end, the 2014 Champs Ryan Kinka and Tom Pendergast were able to defend their title and become the first back to back champs […]