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The Philadephia Stones League is under the direction of FoSL, The Federation of Stones Leagues.  Founded by two of the game’s original inventors, FoSL (pronounced “fossil”) is a Pennsylvania-based non-profit whose purpose is the following:

Section 1 of the Bylaws for the Federation of Stones Leagues (FOSL) dba: Philly Stones League

  1. The purpose for which the corporation is formed is the promotion of the game of Stones. In particular, the purpose of the Corporation includes:

1.1.1 To promote the game of Stones as an avenue to wellness through outdoor recreation and physical fitness that is accessible to all people regardless of age or physical ability.

1.1.2 To use the game of Stones to promote environmental stewardship through open space preservation and the building of courses using sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices.

1.1.3 To enhance community and urban renewal efforts through the conversion of misused and underutilized spaces into natural playgrounds for which the game of stones is played.

1.1.4 To foster community and neighborhood pride through the creation of inter-neighborhood/inter-community leagues designed to bring communities together in support of their local team(s).

1.1.6  To establish and maintain high standards of professionalism, amateurism and good sportsmanship.

1.1.7   To foster national and international professional and amateur Stones leagues and tournaments.

1.1.8   To achieve standardization in league and club team play in accordance to The Rules of the Game


In order to assist FoSL in fulfilling its mission in Philadelphia and other cities, corporate sponsorship and donations are essential.  If you are interested in donating or sponsoring FoSL, please contact us.